Who We Are...

"Drummer’s Call Ltd has been created to give people an edge in society in providing quality products for beauty grooming, this all started in September 2018 where I looked for a quality product to use on my splendid moustache. Every oil, balm and wax has its own interesting story behind its creation, each one has been made with natural ingredients and above all pride which makes our product unique. My aim is to provide a quality product and service for everyone to enjoy." Aydan H - DC Founder


My tip for hard wax is that I put it on top of my coffee maker in the morning. Twenty minutes later it’s all nice and soft! Ok. I’ve now tried it properly as it has softened. I was a bit worried in case it wasn’t very good and I’d have to tell you!!  But this is excellent wax. It goes on easily and has a really firm hold. Love it. Great scent too.

Tim G

Drummers Call is probably one of the best beard oils I've used. Just a small amount applied and it's makes my beard look nice and fresh, would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an oil that works so well and smells so fresh at the same time.

Joseph G

Lemon and Ginger beard oil

A well fragranced non greasy beard oil that makes your beard all shiny and soft. A big plus is the wife likes it.

Peppermint moustashe wax.

A great fragranced wax. very strong hold and easy to apply. I am a lorry driver and use this product daily.

The Bearded Butler

Great moustache wax!  Easy application process, superb hold and a great Lavender scent!

P.J. Powell

Absolutely thrilled with my moustache wax, and the lavender fragrance is lovely.

Chris C